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Our youth are our future

We offer counselling and therapy services to address a broad range of child, adolescent & family issues from serious mental health disorders, family conflict and transitions,  parenting difficulties, educational and learning needs, vocational counselling, through to life coaching. We also offer specialised assessments including clinical diagnostic assessment, intellectual, educational and vocational assessment, second opinion and clinical and educational advocacy for young people and parents.


Our expert team comprises Educational and Clinical Psychologists with advanced qualifications with children and adolescents, as well as Social Workers, teachers, youth workers and outdoor educators. All staff are supervised by Dr. Simon Crisp who is a Clinical Psychologist with advanced masters qualifications in Child & Educational Psychology and doctoral qualifications in Clinical Child, Adolescent & Family Psychology.


We also assist and support pregnant women and parents of newborns.


We have been national pioneers in developing innovative and engaging counselling approaches such as the internationally recognised Wilderness Adventure Therapy® model of group programs and Psychological First Response® training for teachers, youth workers, mental health professionals and school students. Please contact us to make an appointment to meet with one of our consultants, or to discuss your particular needs.


We have practical advice to help you support a young person to seek help - click here.




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