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Our team can provide a comprehensive and integrated multi-disciplinary assessment that provides an educational, cognitive, emotional, social and clinical diagnostic profile of strengths and areas of need.

We are well equipped to respond and follow through on any issues identified with the expertise of our team. We can make recommendations for specialised services and referral-on, as well as providing close on-going consulting to schools and other professionals to ensure needs are addressed.

Psychological assessments include:

  • Intellectual and social-emotional assessments
  • Vocational interests and career planning
  • Parenting skills, family functioning
  • Developmental status

Clinical assessments include:

  • Diagnostic enquiry for mental health problems
  • Personality issues
  • Coping skills and psychological resilience factors
  • Relationship and communication skills

Educational assessments include:

  • Cognitive and intellectual abilities
  • Educational achievement
  • Intellectual giftedness, including social and emotional needs
  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Study skills and learning styles


For more information please email: appointments@neopsychology.com.au, or call (03) 9810 3067. To request an appointment for an assessment click here.