Recent contributions from Simon and his team in the media


Adolescent Issues

Channel 9 Today Show - Troubled Teens [video clip]

Channel 9 Today Show - Exam Stress [video clip]

Channel 7 Sunrise show - Kids Growing up Too Fast

ABC Radio 774 - Children Taking Risks to Help Development [audio clip]

Cleo magazine - Me, Myself and I

The Age Interview: How Might the Royal Commission Affect Survivors of Child Abuse?

The Age Opinion - Learning to Take Risks is an Essential part of Growing Up

The Age - 'Risk Illiteracy' Among the Young and Reckless

The Age - The Brat Factor (The effect of 'fame culture' on youth)

The Age Opinion - Kids Party, Parents Get a Hang Over

The Age - Beyond the Binge

The Age Opinion Don’t Force Kids to Grow up Early

Sydney Morning Herald - Cyber Intimidation and the Art of Bullying

The Conversation - Self Harm: What is it, and why do people do it?



Channel 7 The Morning Show - Sad Dads: Postnatal Depression in Fathers [video clip]

ABC Unleashed (Opinion) - Parenting in a Celebrity Mad World

Melbourne Mothers Matter - Monsters in the Closet (parent's role in dealing with anxiety)

Wonder Time magazine June 2009 (by Emma Lund) - How to Nurture Bickering Siblings

The Herald Sun - Ageless Love

ABC Radio National - Abandoned Baby Sparks Debate

The Herald Sun - And Baby Makes Three

Good Health Magazine - Are We Over-Parenting Our Children?



The Herald Sun - The Good Wife Stands Firm


Teacher Advice

Victorian Institute of Teaching: Professional Practice journal - The Many Faces of Trauma

Teacher Magazine - samples of 'Dr Simon Says…' column


Psychological First Response

ABC Radio - Psychological First Response for Teenagers interview [audio clip]


Adventure Psychology and Wilderness Adventure Therapy

ABC Radio National - The Age of Adventure [radio streaming / download]

ABC-TV The 7.30 Report - Adventure Therapy [video clip]
The Age - Rapid Growth for Troubled Teens
InPsych (Bulletin of the Australian Psychological Society) - Taking a Risk for Adolescents

The Age - Looking for trouble