Training and Accreditation in Wilderness Adventure Therapy

We developed the world's first, and only accreditation scheme in this manualised, evidence-based treatment. Click here for an overview of the scheme.


The following courses comprise parts of the training and accreditation scheme:

Introduction to WAT course - download a flyer from the last course

Psychological First Response course - download a flyer from the last course

WAT Practicum - download a flyer from the last course

Intermediate WAT Course - download a flyer from the last course


Since 2002, over 70 mental health professionals and outdoor leaders have completed some level of training or accreditation in WAT. The following is a list of all those who have to date:

Introduction to WAT 2002  (Melbourne)

Bronwen Green

Alison Hicks

Marina Reid

Darryl Patterson

Richard Wright

Tom Kuster

Natalie Redfern

Beth McLeod

Philip Avery

Kathy Rutherford

Lisa Ronalds

Bauke Koekkoek

Angela Hassett

Justin Tonner-Joyce

Emma Lund

Lindy Noblet

Kate Lawson

Andrea Davidson

Introduction to WAT 2003  (Adelaide)

Nicola Trenorden

Michael Caruana

Fiona Brereton

Liz Mullen

Liana Taylor

Keith Johnson

Ryan Tripney

Simon Thomas

Introduction to WAT 2004   (Boonah, QLD)

Yonna Powell

Bruce Blair

Caroline Boath-Colley

Dotan Hiam

Danielle Goodridge

Dan Taylor

Jacquie Wood

Anne-Marie Houliston

Jerry McGovern


Introduction to WAT 2004  (Melbourne)

Nicola Kennair

Mark Monahan

Mark Mathieson

Wendy Lever

Donna Bigger

Todd Proud

Megan Knights

Melissa Burgess

Eric de Bruyn

Brett van Berkel

Ross Leonard

Introduction to WAT 2005  (Brisbane)

Tarryn Brown

Graham Pringle

Lewis Byrne

Debbie Meares

Steve Maden

Greg Beckford

Alison Lloyd

Carolyn Eaton

Amanda White

Stephen Bartlett

Chris Barnett

Stacey Stallaghan

Introduction to WAT 2006  (Melbourne)

Ian Williams

Dr Kathryn Gilson

Andrew Davis

Sarah Hume

Sandra Curtis

Helen Lewis

Abdul Rashid

Jarel Louie

Myrtle Anne de Souza


Introduction to WAT 2007  (Melbourne)

Claudia Thomas

Barbara Hampson

Sharon Thomasson

Andrew Gray

Adam Lohmeyer

Carly Beard

Lisa Simler

Rohan Marx


Intermediate WAT Course 2004  (Melbourne)

Nicola Kennair

Emma Lund

Philip Avery

Fiona Brereton

Simon Thomas

Darryl Patterson


Intermediate WAT Course 2006  (Melbourne)

Liana Taylor

Kate Lawson

Andrew Davis

Sarah Hume

Dr Kathryn Gilson


Accredited Wilderness Adventure Therapy Assistants

Accredited Wilderness Adventure Therapy Assistants are individuals who have completed both the Introduction to WAT course, Intermediate WAT Course and either (or both) the Psychological First Response course and WAT Practicum. The following are WAT Assistants:


  • Philip Avery
  • Emma Lund
  • Fiona Brereton
  • Simon Thomas



Other training available in the USA in wilderness and adventure therapy

(compiled by David Scheinfeld)

[Note that these trainings are NOT in Neo Psychology's evidence-based WAT model, nor does Neo Psychology endorse nor recommend any of these training options]